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Sustainable Market Reports are published as general information reports on a regularly scheduled weekly and monthly basis. The contents of the reports are general in nature and are not directed towards any specific individual or their specific needs. The commentary and analysis listed throughout each report is non promotional and is genuine in nature.

Sustainable Market Report LLC is not paid by any company or advertiser and does not receive compensation from any company listed in the reports.

The Information provided throughout the reports is believed to be from reliable sources but is not guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness. Any third party website link listed on the website or inside reports are provided only as a convenience and are not guaranteed to be reliable or secure.  

Sustainable Market Reports are published only as a general information service for subscribers. The views expressed are of the author’s opinion only and do not constitute personalized investment advice directed towards any specific subscriber. Sustainable Market Report authors are not registered investment advisors and thus cannot give out personalized investment advice to fit each individual’s specific needs. As the subscriber, you understand that Sustainable Market Report LLC, and its authors, will never advise you personally on any investment.

The information and content provided by Sustainable Market Report LLC is not a substitute for obtaining professional advice from a qualified advisor. You are responsible for your own investment decisions. Sustainable Market Report LLC assumes no responsibility or liability for your investment results as the company does not provide individualized professional advice.

Sustainable Market Report, its members and authors, may have positions in the securities listed in each report. This includes buying and selling of the common securities as well as their accompanied options and derivatives.

Any redistribution of the Sustainable Market Report website, email, reports or information contained in the reports is prohibited unless written consent is received.

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